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Pixal Evolution Review – Engage Your Customers with Beautiful Graphics

Pixal Evolution Review – Introduction

With the dynamic environment of online marketing, marketers always have to seek new methods to attract more customers. One of the most efficient methods is to make your ads unique and interesting. The question is: “How to do it, especially when you are not a professional designer?”

Designing beautiful ads is not easy; adding special effects and animations such as foldable, scratch card, rollover or floating is even more difficult. If you can not use special software and does not possess any skills in graphic design, must you always depend on lackluster ads on the market?

The answer is “No.” Because I have found a platform that helps you to make creative, unique ads in no time. Let me introduce you to Pixal Evolution. It has a huge library of built-in templates and special effects so that you won’t have to do everything from scratch. Now, let proceed with myPixal Evolution Review!

Pixal Evolution Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Richard Fairbairn
  • Product: Pixal Evolution
  • Sales Page: CLICK HERE
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jul-27
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $67 – $97
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend

What is Pixal Evolution?

Pixal Evolution is a cloud-based platform that is specialized for graphic design. It has an enormous library of beautiful animations which is fully customizable in every aspect, from texts, fonts to sizes. You can also add special effects to your ads such as rollover, scratchcard, billboard, etc. and make them become special banners that your customers can not the resist the urge to engage with them. Moreover, the drag-and-drop system allows even newbies to use the platform efficiently.


About the author – Richard Fairbairn, Paul Okeeffe, and Chris Jenkins

Richard, Paul, and Chris are three professional marketers and experts in software development field. Many marketers, bloggers, business owners trust them and give great comments on their products.

They are very famous for many digital products that help businesses to gain more visitors and traffic on the business. Some of their launches are Pixal, SociHub, SaaS Rebrander, Niche Evolution, Vitraffic, etc.

With the Pixal Evolution, they have developed it for over a year and now is the time to launch it as a service model.

What are the Features of Pixal Evolution?

Enormous Graphic Library

To simplify the process of making ads, Pixal Evolution contains a huge library of thousands of well-designed templates for you to choose. Other animations and special effects such as transition effects, dynamic banners are also available.

Fully Customizable

You can change the shapes, sizes, fonts or add texts to chosen templates easily because they are designed in modules. Your ads will be exactly like what you intend.

Videos and Audio Addition

You can embed audio or even videos to your ads; they will become clickable, so they will lead your customers directly to the links you want.

Exportation to Other Formats

Pixal Evolution allows you to extract and convert your ads into other formats such as gif or mp4. This feature enables you to use your ads everywhere.

Synthesization with Google Map

You can obtain the location of your customers through synthesizing your ads with Google Map so that you will have a better view of which region you should focus on.

Shoptify Button Creator

Your ads now work similarly to links that will lead your customers to your online stores or products. Your customers will not be aware with this because the button is the ads themselves.

Statistical Figure Generator

Pixal Evolution manages your marketing campaigns and provides you with detail information about which ads are generating profits and which are not. So you understand better about your customers, and you can improve your business significantly.

Drag-and-Drop Handling

No skill is required to use Pixal Evolution because you only need simple manipulations like drags, drops or clicks to make graphics with it.


New rich media ads will blow away your viewers and get them clicking and buying like never before.

Banner blindness is killing your clicks, but with our new interactive rich media banners and graphics your clicks will skyrocket.

Imagine bringing your graphics and banners to life with rich media creations, using this type of creative your viewer just can’t help but click and interact with you.

Here are just a few of the banners you can create using our interactive rich media creation software

Foldable Banner

These also have video embed and you can navigate through multiple panels and expand and close the banner direct from the screen.

Using this type of creative instantly gets your visitors attention

Scratch Banner

Perfect for getting users to interact with your offers, you can hide the free gift and call to action behind a scratch card that doubles as a banner.

This makes more users take notice and interact with your offer.

Price and How to Buy It

The front-end version of Pixal Evolution costs $67, but there are some other interesting options for you to consider in below:

-Front-End (Pixal Evolution – $67-$97) (See Details)

Pixal Evolution is the first in our space to be totally IAB Compliant, this means all our graphics can be used on the CPA networks and it let’s your design a graphic that really stands out, think animation, think video embeds (into the graphic), think html embeds (into the graphic), think text effects, think video backgrounds, think live real time skype calls inside adverts, think think huge media database, think of combining Banner Snack, Banner Flow, & with extra features and new technology…you might then just get close to what Pixal Evolution can do.

-OTO 1 (Pixal Ads WP Plugin – $37) (See Details)

Features: This WP plugin will let you add the rich media banners where ever you want on any WordPress site. It will pull the banners across and you can choose where to add them, and as a bonus with this, we will be giving agency rights so you can give it to your clients as well.

-OTO 2 (Pixal DFY – $67-$167) (See Details)

This isn’t just your usual template club, although all that is part of the deal, but also allow you to request a banner creation package each month. This offer also includes the resell rights to all packages that are in the template club or any resources the graphics team build for you.

-OTO 3 (Pixal Evo Advanced – $97-$147) (See Details)

This will include an 8 week intensive training course using Pixel and making it work in real world environments. This one is going to fly off the shelves as it also includes the full agency package of Socihub as well as the training

How does It Work?

Pixal Evolution is very simple to use; these are the steps you need to go through:

  • Step 1: Choose a template among those in the built-in library
  • Step 2: Customize the texts, sizes, or fonts of the chosen template as you like
  • Step 3: Get a special banner and fuse with your ads
  • Step 4: Paste the links of the websites you want to add your ads
  • Step 5: Publish your ads and enjoy the profits

For more information, please take a look at the demo videos:

Why Should You Buy It?

It Significantly Boosts the Chance of Customer Engagement

Most people avoid clicking on ads nowadays; this is the reason why online marketing become difficult to generate profits. Pixal Evolution solves this problem by making beautiful and attractive ads that people can not ignore. For example, how can your customers resist the urge to click on a scratchcard banner?

It is for Everyone

With thousands of built-in templates and animation of Pixal Evolution, the struggle of designing new ads is completely gone. Moreover, the drag-and-drop manipulation system enables everyone to use the software, especially newbie marketers.

It is Fully Customizable

You can change and create any shapes, texts, or effects for your ads. Your ads will become original, creative and unique. Let make your business not only profitable but also enjoyable


Being a marketer is difficult, especially if you have no experience in graphic design. But you should not give up because there are wonderful tools that can help you reach your dream, and I think Pixal Evolution is one of them. It allows you to add your creativity to your ads, and with its enormous database of built-in animations, you can make attractive, high-converting ads effortlessly

I have tried and enjoyed it. Why don’t you give the software a chance? It’s safe with 30 days of money back guarantee. Thank you for reading Pixal Evolution Review!